SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - For the first time, County Supervisor Dave Roberts is speaking out to CBS News 8 about allegations from former staff members in his office.

Roberts has been accused, among other things, of misusing San Diego County funds and having an inappropriate relationship with one of his staff members.

[STORY: Background information on accusations leveled against Supervisor Roberts]

Roberts said every claim made against him is false, and he believes part of the motivation behind those claims has to do with money.

Beyond that, he added that he doesn't know why his former staffers are making certain accusations, saying he was not responsible for making his office a hostile environment.

Two former staff members, Diane Porter and Glynnis Vaughan, have filed claims totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars against the county.

CBS News 8 spoke to Roberts in length about claims that discussed text messages referencing a room he allegedly shared with staff member Harold Meza, indicating the two had an inappropriate relationship.

“I did not have an inappropriate relationship with any member of my staff, sexual or otherwise. And it's just, I think, so wrong that people make these wild accusations. It's not only hurtful to my spouse, my family, but to Mr. Meza who is the person who's been attacked,” said Roberts.

Roberts is openly gay and has a spouse. He said they are in a committed and monogamous relationship.