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15-year-old girl convicted of assault and hate crime in Lakeside learns her fate

The 15-year-old was sentenced on Wednesday to 120 days in the county’s Urban Camp program.

SAN DIEGO — A 15-year-old girl, who was convicted for her role in a fight that the judge ruled a hate crime, was sentenced Wednesday to 120 days in the county’s Urban Camp program.

CBS 8 is not naming or showing the teen’s picture because she’s a minor.

It happened April 16, in Lakeside, when an argument earlier in the day progressed to physical violence that night, and a 16-year-old girl was stabbed twice in the back.

The person accused of committing the stabbing is a 16-year-old boy charged with attempted murder. He is also charged with a hate crime for allegedly yelling racist slurs during the fight. His case has not gone to court yet and the District Attorney’s office is hoping to try him as an adult.

But his 15-year-old girlfriend’s case was heard last month by a judge in juvenile court, who convicted the teen of assault for aggressively swinging a drainage grate.

The Judge Rohanee Zapanta also ruled the incident a hate crime because the teen used a racial slur earlier in the day when the fight first started.

At Wednesday's sentencing, which news cameras were barred from recording, it was revealed that the defendant had a history of “complex trauma” in her life.

Because of that, her attorney argued she should be immediately released for treatment at an intensive hospitalization program, that her father arranged for her to attend. The prosecutor argued for two years in custody, saying it’s an issue of public safety and the teen’s need for ample time with intense supervision.

In the end, the judge took the probation department’s recommendation for 120 days in Urban Camp. 

According to the county’s website, “The goal of the Urban Camp is to provide the youth with the training and skills necessary for successful transition and reintegration into society.”

During the announcement of her decision, Judge Zapanta said there are no winners in this case, adding “this case involves hate and the consequences of hate.”

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