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News 8 story helps recover stolen trailer

The trailer had $30,000 worth of scuba gear inside.

SAN DIEGO — A local business owner is thankful after thousands of dollars worth of scuba gear was recovered.

Lora Meyer spent more than a decade building her dive tour business, Marissa Charters, but within a matter of minutes, a large chunk of it was gone after her trailer, was stolen last month outside the Mission Bay Sport Center.

Surveillance footage shows two men walking around the parking lot eyeing the trailer, which was locked, and attached with a separate lock to her truck.

Several minutes later, they managed to remove it, then attached it to what appears to be a four door suv, possibly a 4-runner with a license plate that starts with 7W, and took off.

Following News 8's story, Meyer received a call from a viewer who said he spotted her stolen trailer parked along a street in National City.

"The person who called saw the story on your YouTube channel and said, 'This is it. This is the exact same one. I saw it. It's at this address,'" Meyer said.

The trailer had a different license plate on it.

But, after contacting police and heading down to see for herself, the VIN number proved it was in fact Meyer's.

"Put on their own locks on it....the hitch lock and the back locks, so we had to break those off," she said.

Meyer estimates there was about $30,000 worth of gear inside.

Half of it was recovered.

"When police opened the back of the trailer to see what was in there, I was shocked there was anything in there at all," Meyer said. 

Some of the items stolen include brand new masks, boots, and fins.

The thieves also took wetsuits marked with the letters "DS," along with the size.

Meanwhile, the trailer was damaged a bit.

As for who's responsible-they haven't been caught.

Though Meyer is just happy she was able to get anything back at all.

"Relieved and it's nice that it's mostly over. Hopefully they catch them," said Meyer.

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