(CBS 8) - At first glance it may look like the Geezer Bandit, but it appears a man behind the latest bank robbery in the Bay Area may be a Geezer copycat.

An elderly looking man held up the Citibank in Belmont at around 9:30 a.m. Thursday. In surveillance video footage, he looks like the Geezer Bandit, complete with the same kind of hat. He approached a teller, passed a demand note, displayed a gun and demanded money.

According to the FBI, the Geezer Bandit is responsible for 16 bank robberies in a spree that began in San Diego County more than two years ago. The FBI says the man who held up the bank in Belmont is not the Geezer Bandit.

Special Agent Darrell Foxworth told News 8, "When you look at the facts, circumstances and the physical description, they are inconsistent with the Geezer Bandit suspect. There is no indication the bank robbery in Belmont is related to the Geezer Bandit series here in Southern California."

The last time the real Geezer Bandit struck was in early December at a bank in San Luis Obispo. The FBI says there is a possibility the real Geezer Bandit is wearing a mask. Bank employees in Thursday's heist report the suspect was middle-aged and was wearing a flesh-colored mask to alter his appearance.