SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Local law enforcement is coming together in an effort to hunt down fugitive sex offenders. It's a full-fledged attempt to get convicted sex offenders currently wanted by police off the streets.

Next week, Crime Stoppers will partner with local, state and federal agencies to track down convicted sex offenders who are still in trouble with the law.

"We decided it was really time to make a difference in the outstanding wanted sex offenders in the county," James Johnson of the San Diego Police Department said.

The fugitive sex offender roundup targets 50 sex offenders in five days. From Oct. 11 through Oct. 15, each day, Crime Stoppers will send us photos and descriptions of at least 10 suspects. We will broadcast their information, highlighting each offender, much like we do during our Manhunt segments every Thursday.

"These are people we are looking for, they need to be arrested. If you recognize them, call Crime Stoppers," Johnson said.

For years, sex offenders have been using the internet as a tool to prey on their victims.

"Often times we'll hear about how sex offenders are using the internet to target their victims. Now we are using the internet through Crime Stoppers by targeting the sex offenders," Johnson said.

When it comes to fighting crime, for San Diego County Crime Stoppers the success rate is pretty high.

"Especially with fugitives, whenever we profile somebody that we've got a really good picture of that we know is in the community, we have a really good success rate of somebody calling us and telling us exactly where they're at or where they're going to be," Johnson said.

This month alone, Crime Stoppers paid out four rewards on fugitive sex offenders.

All of the suspects will be profiled on the Crime Stoppers web site until they are caught.