SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - The sunny weather brought out dozens to Cowles Mountain today in San Carlos, and car thieves are working the same area.

Warm weather on a President's Day holiday means plenty of cars and plenty of hikers at Cowles Mountain. The parking lot and streets below the mountain are prime targets for car thieves.

"Along the side on the ground a lot of cars must have been busted into recently," another hiker said.

"I always park on the other side of the street there, because when I come down here I see the broken glass on this side of the street," another hiker said.

Other neighborhoods in San Carlos are also targets for thieves, where dozens of cars have been hit in recent months.

"We have had our cars broken into a couple times," a resident said.

"My wife had her purse stolen out," another resident said.

The News 8 CrimeFighters ran the numbers for car thefts in San Carlos over the past 90 days. Our Crimetracker map shows nine cars stolen and 67 cars broken into, all within the past three months.

Many of the crimes are clustered to the north in San Carlos off Mission Gorge Road, and to the east at the foot of Cowles Mountain, another cluster in the parking lot and nearby streets.

"We no longer park on the street. We got a light we keep on all night over both cars," a resident said.

Visitors hiking the mountain have learned to lock your car and don't keep valuables inside.

"I don't really own anything that's valuable. I guess that's what it boils down to," one man said.