SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A man is in custody Thursday night after a frightening domestic violence incident in National City led to a chase. 

Witnesses said they saw the suspect trying to grab a woman at a gas station as she screamed for help. 

The dramatic pursuit began Thursday evening at a gas station at Plaza and Palm, where a quick-thinking cashier and several customers witnessed the suspect abusing a woman. 

Other witnesses said the suspect allegedly tried to kidnap the woman. That's when the cashier called 911. 

Witnesses were able to get the car's license plate. According to authorities, the suspect has a criminal record and they were able to track him down near the gas station and give chase. 

The chase came to an end at Euclid and Guymon in Chollas View where the suspect finally surrendered. Canines were then used to sweep the car. 

Police said the suspect will be facing felony charges of domestic violence, assault, kidnapping and evading arrest.