LA MESA (CBS 8) - Two local women are speaking out about their fears Monday after a transient broke into their La Mesa home and attacked them. A suspect was arrested after Saturday's break-in and is being held at the downtown San Diego jail.

Traci Derr will never be able to forget the scream she heard.

"At first I was confused. I thought it was a fire alarm because it was such a high piercing scream. And then I heard her screaming my name, saying 'Someone's in the house, someone's in the house,'" Derr said.

Her roommate Christina Howell was the one screaming, and it was because she woke up to a stranger in her room.

"I sat up a little bit and said what the hell, and he jumped onto my bed and on top of me, holding me down, and muffling my mouth," Howell said.

She was able to kick him off and he ran for the front door. Cops were called, but he was nowhere to be found. Police left and that's when the two women say the transient came back. Police were able to arrest 22-year-old Rashad McNeely. They said it appears he crawled in through the bathroom window.

Derr and Howell are worried once he gets out of jail, he'll just be right back by the bushes, where he usually hangs out.

"If this was someone who was stalking us, who's to say he's not going to come back and do the same thing?" Derr said.

In the meantime, nights at their La Mesa apartment just won't be the same.

"I'm scared to sleep alone. I don't trust myself when I'm sleeping. How did we not hear him?" Howell said.

McNeely is scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday.