SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Every parent wants to keep their children safe from sexual predators. Now there's an app designed to help.

It's crime tips, at your finger tips. And authorities hope it will help in their fight against child predators.

Micah Spooner Wyman is an agent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He walked us through the app and says the main feature allows people to report suspicious activity, and send in tips about possible sex predators.

"Give them the opportunity to say hey listen, this is what I saw, this may or may not be the individual but I want to let the agency know what I saw, so we can get out there ASAP," Wyman said.

Another feature is the agency's most wanted list, the top high-risk sex offenders in the country, and detailed info about them -- their picture, bio, last known residence, and even what they're wanted for.

"What's great about this is you're driving down the highway, you see someone who may look like this individual, you're on the subway, wherever you are, you have this info right there. You can pull up a pic of that person, a bio," Wyman explained.

Authorities think the app will be popular with parents because it also offers the latest news about sex offenders in their area. The hope is that all those extra eyes and ears will help bust wanted offenders and stop incidents before they happen, something social media is helping with more and more.

I'm sure everyone remembers how quickly the terrorist bombers in Boston were found as a result of social media. This is a great way to give them that tool," Wyman said.

It's also very easy to use, meaning taking down a bad guy is as easy as sending a tweet. Users can also receive alerts about wanted predators and share information with friends through e-mail, or other social media programs.