SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - A San Diego lawmaker is taking action after the murders of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. She's pushing to have self-defense taught in public schools.

State Senator Christine Kehoe is planning to introduce legislation to create self-defense programs starting in seventh grade.

Self-defense courses in our local schools could soon become part of the regular curriculum, thanks in part to a commentary local political law attorney Pamela Wilson wrote in the Union-Tribune two weeks ago.

"In Chelsea's honor, contact your elected representative… that self-defense be added to physical education curriculum for all young women in our state and for any young men who are interested," the letter said.

Wilson's passionate words got the attention of State Sen. Christine Kehoe, who is now planning to introduce legislation to make it happen.

"I'm really heartened that Senator Kehoe has brought this forward. I think it's really a wonderful compliment to many of the things that have been talked about. It is going to take a public outcry to make a change in the curriculum to include this for our young women to learn this at school," Wilson said.

Wilson has received a lot of positive feedback about her suggestion.

"One woman called me and said it could be called 'Chelsea's Course', Wilson said.

It could one day mean the difference between life and death. Wilson cited the example of Candice Moncayo, who used her martial arts skills to fight off her attacker two months earlier on the same trail where Chelsea King was murdered.

"Sometimes when these horrible things happen is when change can happen, if people let their support for it be known," Wilson said.

Wilson says these courses work. She took one as a young woman that allowed her to later fight off an attacker.

You can make your voice heard by calling your local assemblymen and senators. Senator Kehoe has a form on her web site where you can show your support.