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Larry Millete nominates parents for guardianship of children

Husband charged with Maya Millete's murder wants his parents to get custody.

SAN DIEGO — Tuesday marks 11 months since the disappearance of Chula Vista mother, Maya Millete. Her husband, Larry Millete, remains in jail charged with his wife's murder, though her body has not been found. He is set to make an appearance in criminal court next week.

Meanwhile, the custody battle over the couple's three children continues in San Diego probate court.

On Monday, Larry Millete filed paperwork nominating his parents, Benito and Judith Millete, to be guardians of the kids.

Maya's sister, Maricris Drouaillet, previously filed her own petition seeking guardianship. The probate judge already ordered visitation, once a week, with Maya's side of the family.

The new filings included sworn declarations by both of Larry’s parents explaining why the paternal grandparents believe they would be good guardians, and why the aunt's family would not.

Benito Millete wrote that the children recently were upset when “Maricris picked up the grandchildren from our place and they used a car that contained a large poster of their missing mother May.”

Judith Millete wrote in her declaration, “May was busy at her job and did not spend a lot of time with the children. In fact, the grandchildren called us 'Mama and Papa.'"

Maya’s side of the family said in earlier court papers that Larry's parents were unfit to be guardians because they allowed Larry to telephone the children from jail and “emotionally abuse them” in violation of a court order.

The petition for guardianship hearing is set for Jan. 19 in probate court.  Larry Millete will be in criminal court on Thursday, Dec. 16 for a preliminary examination readiness hearing.

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