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Racist vandalism reported in University City

Graffiti that included racist language was found spray-painted on two garage doors in a condo complex on Agee Street.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego police are investigating a hate crime after a series of racist messages were found Sunday.

The disturbing graffiti was first found spray painted outside the garage doors of two homes in University City. As that investigation was developing, more hate-filled graffiti was found on a pedestrian bridge between Kensington and Normal Heights.

Residents of a University City condo complex woke up to find racist vandalism on the property Sunday morning, which they then reported to police. Graffiti that included racist language was found on two garage doors in the complex outside the home of an African American family. Neighbors say it’s not the first time hateful messages have circulated there.

The racist messages appeared on the garage doors of two units located at The Park condo complex on Agee Street near Governor Drive and Genesee Avenue. Note: The images in this story have been edited to cover the offensive word. 

“This is the second incident of horrific racism in my condo complex,” said Beany Chalfant who contacted News 8 after seeing what was written and provided pictures of the spray-painted slurs.

Rebekah Mainor is one of two residents who woke up and found a racial slur spray painted on her garage door. It read "how do you like it [obscenity]."

Her neighbors' garage door had a similar message on it.

Police arrived on scene Sunday afternoon and spoke with Mainor as well as the other victim. Police confirmed they are investigating it as a hate crime and taking it very seriously. They told News 8 they have surveillance video from a neighbor that they’re analyzing trying to see if they can identify the suspect. Meanwhile Mainor, who has lived at the complex for 10 year says this is the worst part: 

"[The] sad part about this is in the process my children go to see it. That hit a nerve."

Chalfant also said a letter containing hateful speech against black and Hispanic residents was attached to the mailbox of each condo unit a couple months prior to the graffiti incident.  

Credit: Beany Chalfant
Credit: Beany Chalfant

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