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Testimony continues in the rape trial of Kellen Winslow II

Testimony continued Thursday with more from Jane Doe 5 and others.
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SAN DIEGO — Content Warning: The subject of this story is graphic in nature and it may be disturbing to some readers. Profanity is used in at least one of the videos below as well.

Testimony continued Thursday in the trial of ex-NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II, who is charged with raping two women in Encinitas in 2018 and raping an unconscious teenager in 2003. He is also accused of exposing himself to two other women in 2019.

On Thursday testimony began with cross examination of Jane Doe 5. She has accused Winslow of exposing himself to her and touching himself in front of her during two different encounters at a Carlsbad gym back in February of this year.

While on the stand, Jane Doe 5 testified that Winslow stroked his penis while looking at her while she was sitting on a workout machine during one incident. She went on to describe a second incident in which she was at the same gym using a hot tub when she said Winslow also got in the hot tub. 

Following Jane Doe 5's testimony, her husband, ‘Robert C.’, took the stand Thursday and testified that his wife told him that Winslow was exercising near her at the gym and he began to draw attention to his lower area and said to her, “do you see it, do you like it?” as he was pointing to his penis.

The next witness called was Shelley Traa, a former fitness manager at the Crunch Fitness in Carlsbad. Traa testified that Jane Doe 5 reported both alleged incidents to her at the gym. She said Jane Doe 5 said Winslow came out of the locker room with his towel slightly opened and entered the hot tub with no clothes on and began rubbing himself.

The next witness called was Brad Moser, the general manager at the Crunch Fitness in Carlsbad. Moser said Jan Doe 5's husband also told him about the alleged incident at the gym involving his wife.

Jane Doe 4's friend from high school, Nicole Edwards, took the stand following Detective John Johnson.

After DA Investigator Chris Felan was on the stand, the first witness for the defense was Sheriff Sgt. James Emit, followed by Dennis Sesma who is a private investigator.

The trial will resume Monday, June 3 at 9:00 a.m.

If Winslow's convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

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On May 28, testimony began with Detective John Johnson who took the witness stand and laid out circumstantial evidence against Winslow II. The former NFL player looked on as photos from the day of his arrest were shown, which included still frames from surveillance video of him in his bicycling clothes and his Hummer H2. Both were described by women who have accused him of rape and indecent exposure. 

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On May 23, one alleged victim identified as Jane Doe 3 took the stand to testify about Winslow allegedly exposing himself to her as she was gardening in her front yard on May 24 in 2018, along with a Vietnamese interpreter who translated what she testified to in court.

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On May 22, Jane Doe 2 took the stand to testify about Winslow allegedly raping her on Mother's Day in 2018. She said she believed it would be her "last night." 

Jane Doe 2 testified during cross-examination that she never knew Winslow's last name and that she only knew him as "Kevin." She also called Winslow "very smart" saying that he put his hands on her throat in a way that wouldn't leave marks.

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On May 21, a woman identified as Jane Doe 1, was the first of five accusers expected to take the stand.

The female hitchhiker accused Winslow of raping her after he picked her up in March 2018. She said she did not flee or defend herself because the muscular football star had threatened to kill her.

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The former football star, and son of Hall of Famer Kellen Winslow, has pleaded not guilty to 12 counts.