SAN DIEGO — A major scam has left owners of a vacation rental in complete shock.

A neighbor’s security camera caught two men on video stealing nearly everything from a home they were renting. The duo used fake credentials, fake credit cards and even fake IDs to pull off the heist.

The men are seen calmly carrying out tables, rolled-up carpets and even a kitchen range. News 8 has learned they also stole a refrigerator, two couches, six televisions and artwork. They also reportedly left behind drug paraphernalia. 

The owner says his property was being managed by La Jolla Vacation Rentals. News 8 reached out to the company but they had no comment. 

The thieves arrived on June 5 and moved the items out on June 7 and 8. No one realized what had happened until days later when a cleaning crew showed up to get the house ready for another tenant.

The total loss is estimated at nearly $10,000.