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Damaged dockless bikes, scooters found abandoned around San Diego

Dockless bikes and scooters have been a hot topic across San Diego the past few months.

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) —Dockless bikes and scooters have been a hot topic across San Diego the past few months.

Some residents are fed up with them being left across town, others like the easy access for a ride.

But now, deliberately damaged bikes are popping up in some pretty abnormal places

Witnesses report seeing bikes sawed in half, without seats and vandalized in other ways.

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On social media pictures have been posted of Limebikes sawed in half.

"I think that's awful," said San Diego resident Charlotte Rogers-Jones. "It's somebody else's property, somebody else's business."

It's unclear whether the person who chopped up the bike was someone fed up with what some have called a neighborhood nuisance or just someone wanting to be randomly destructive

In La Jolla, a local photographer captured images of a dockless bike lying on the rocks of the cove after apparently being pushed off a cliff.

Because the area is basically only accessible by water, a kayaker got it out of the water.

Another picture shows a yellow Ofo bike tossed down the rocks of Sunset Cliffs.

Most people News 8 spoke with were torn on the issue of dockless bike programs.

"I do love the idea or concept of having them here, but I can see people see they're not being monitored," said Rogers-Jones.

But even the critics didn't see destruction as the answer.

"If they don't like it, there's other ways to go about it," said Pacific Beach resident Nate Gilles.


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