SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Hikers have been taking a big risk on local trails and lifeguards are warning the public about a specific spot that could be disastrous.

Social Media has made the so-called "Ho-Chi-Minh" Trail popular, but lifeguards are warning hikers the trail is very dangerous.

The false trail has no beach access and stranded hikers are often hoisted out by helicopter. Just last week, a man who tried hiking the trail fell 30 to 80 feet.

Lifeguards fear there will be more rescues as the trial becomes more popular thanks to social media calling it San Diego's "secret spot," and even "hidden gem."

The trail is not the only danger. The loose cliffs also pose a danger and on Friday the size of two truck loads fell on the bluff, missing the shore.

Lifeguards believe ongoing construction is hiding the warning signs which warn hikers about the unstable cliffs.

Lifeguards said they want people to take in San Diego's beauty but encourage the public to do it in a safe way.