MIRAMAR (CBS 8) - Hazmat officials and the San Diego Bomb Squad were called to the Miramar Landfill Saturday after a man dropped off dangerous chemicals.

The San Diego resident dropped off about a liters worth of tetrahydrofuran in a clearly marked steal container, and it immediately raised a red flag when it was brought in.  

"It was a small quantity of tetrahydrofuran. Which is basically a flammable liquid," said SDFD Hazmat Specialist Gerad Rodriguez. "And the concern with it is that as it sits, it ages and develops organic peroxides that can be explosive."

Hazmat and the Bomb Squad were called in, along with other local agencies. The Bomb Squad used a robot to handle the chemical. It was taken a safe distance away and detonated.

Right before the detonation, the westbound 52 was temporarily shut down as a precaution to make sure drivers were caught off guard by the sound of the explosion.

The same San Diego man also brought in other potentially hazardous chemicals, along with the tetrahydrofuran -- those chemicals were also detonated as a precaution.