SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Monday, San Diego County Sheriff's Department investigated a death reported at the Rodeway Inn in Santee. 

Detectives were called to the Rodeway Inn on Mission Gorge Road Monday afternoon which is located at 10135 Mission Gorge Road.

Homicide investigators were at the motel gathering evidence and talked to motel guests about a woman who was found dead inside a room in the back of the motel. 

"I was surprised when everything started happening," said motel guest, Janice Crowell. 

She said she was surprised because her white Ford Fiesta had been stolen an hour before someone at the Rodeway Inn flagged down a deputy on patrol to report a woman down. 

Investigators said they found a 54-year-old woman dead in a room, and the evidence surrounding her body leads investigators to believe it is a suspicious death. 

As investigators questioned motel guests, one guest said she and her boyfriend were staying above where the victim was staying. 

She said they saw a man outside with a crazed look in his eyes Sunday night. 

"[He] swung the door open really quickly. He had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and had a really crazy look in his eyes like he was on drugs," said Tierney Atkinson. 

Atkinson said they ran up the stairs. 

"We didn't really want to call the front desk because we weren't sure what it actually was. We didn't want to cause any trouble. We were pretty shaken up," she said. 

When Atkinson and her boyfriend returned to the motel Monday, at the end of the day, they saw yellow tape across the parking lot. 

Detectives took their statements, and now, they question if they should have reported their suspicions. 

"I feel like we made a mistake. Like we should have some something," she said. 

Homicide detectives are expected to give an update Tuesday morning. 

As of this report, there is no word on the cause of death or identity of the person, but on Monday night, the body was removed from the motel.