CORONADO (CBS 8) - There was a push Tuesday night to improve safety in Coronado by installing new traffic lights along Third Street and 4th Street.

The push comes after a deadly accident happened earlier in May, however not everyone is on board with a proposal to install the new traffic lights.

More than 100,000 drivers use Third Street and 4th Street daily to travel in and out of Coronado, and police have worded to slow down drivers.

"My understanding is the biggest concern is that the people that live on A, B and C are concerned about their property values and not safety," said Quelene Slattery.

Neighbors from the Third Street and 4th Street Planning Community packed the library Tuesday night to hear from the city on its recommendations to put seven traffic lights in the Third Street and 4th Street corridor, including on B Avenue at 4th and Third Street.

"I think this is a village atmosphere. People enjoy living in Coronado don't want a traffic light onevery block," said Julie Russell, who opposes the new traffic lights.

Quelene Slattery said it was about safety, after her 15-year-old son suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a car crossing 4th Street near B Avenue.

Two weeks ago, a 70-year-old man was hit and killed crossing 4th Street near A Avenue.

Those who are against the traffic lights said they know it is dangerous, and so do their kids.

"I have instructed my children to never cross there and they have never done it. They go two blocks up and hit the light," said Julie Russell.

One thing Coronado families agree on are drivers from the Naval Base, families and tourists going over the posted 25 miles-per-hour speed limit.

Neighbors said they are upset that CalTrans, who maintains Third Street and 4th Street, is presenting a plan to the City Council next week to increase the speed to 30 miles-per-hour.

Families also said they would like to see more police enforcement in the area.

If traffic lights are approved in the Coronado Third Street and 4th Street corridor it would take two to three years to complete.