SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The defense began presenting its case Thursday in the trial of a man accused of stabbing two firefighters. 

Ryan Allen Jones, 35, is charged with two counts each of attempted murder of a firefighter, assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

Jones said he was acting in self-defense during the incident last June. He said one moment he was trying to help first responders deal with a drunk man, and the next, he was being thrown to the grown. 

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"The situation had escalated in just a snap of a finger," said Jones. 

Jones who is blind in one eye said he was pepper sprayed and could barely see, so he pulled out a knife to protect himself. 

"All of I sudden, I'm on the ground. I'm pushed over a rail and I have all these people grabbing me, hitting me, yelling, people cursing and screaming. All of a sudden I'm involved in a physical altercation," testified Jones. 

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The prosecution made the case that Jones was set on killing the firefighters that were stabbed. 

"I'm going to defend myself. I'm going to do whatever I have to do to not be a statistic. I'm not going to die today," said Jones. 

The prosecution also questioned Jones about an altercation with a security guard back in 2008. Jones claimed that too was an instance of self-defense. 

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Jones said that incident left him fearful of police and in the current case, he feared for his life. 

He faces more than 25 years to life in prison if convicted.