SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - The rain is gone and shrubs are dry which means your home is at high risk of being threatened by a wildfire.

We’ve all heard about defensible spaces around our homes, but not all of us know what goes into creating them. It’s all part of firescaping, and Eco Gardeners of San Diego’s Tiger Palatal talked about firescaping Wednesday morning with News 8’s Heather Myers.

First you want to deweed and clear out some of the dead, dry shrubs that surround your home and replace them with fire-resistant plants or irrigated landscaping that can be maintained year round.

In that space, you should plant shrubs that grow close to the ground, have a low sap or resin content, grow without accumulating dead branches, needles or leaves, and are drought tolerant.

Palafox shared plenty of examples of these types of plants, and even gave suggestions for people looking to add some color and character to their landscape while still keeping their home safe.