SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - County officials say it will create jobs and provide much needed services, but opponents of a new county welfare and probation office say it's all wrong for their community.

Officials say the new office will create jobs and provide much needed services, but opponents are not so sure. 

Community leaders made the announcement about the new Welfare and Probation office back in March, and the County Board of Supervisors will take action on the matter Tuesday. If all is passed the 80,000-square-foot center will offer numerous health and social services under one roof.

Community leaders say this project will not only create jobs, but it will provide much needed assistance with financial aid along with behavioral health services to help people with alcohol, drug and mental health issues. Public health nurses would also be available.

This project is being met with resistance by residents who say that valuable land designated for economic and redevelopment purposes should not be used to create a Welfare and Probation Center.  

Residents are circulating a petition and have enlisted the services of a former San Diego City Attorney to bring a halt to the process. More specifically, they want the County Board of Supervisors to postpone any action until the County addresses the issues raised in the nine-page letter. 

Residents want an Environmental Impact Report prepared and a response to the fact that County violated the California Environmental Quality Act.