SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — DMV officers were out Wednesday, looking for people abusing the system. 

One woman was in tears as she was caught using a handicap placard issued to her adult son - who wasn't with her on the shopping trip.   

The woman told officer Carlos Moreno three of her children are disabled, but she only has a placard for one. 

"Obviously, she's in a situation where I feel badly for her," said Moreno. "But unfortunately, you can't use the privilege without that child being here."  

She and nine other drivers were issued misdemeanor citations - that carry a fine of up to $1,000 - during a DMV crackdown outside of a Walmart store in unincorporated El Cajon. 

"This is not a parking ticket, so it's going to go on your record, and it'll sit there. So, think about that," said DMV spokesperson Jamie Garza.  

One man was given a warning because when using the placard, you also have to carry the registration form in your name that comes with it. 

He only had an expired one but the officer did a records check, and let him go.  

Of the 226 drivers questioned in this enforcement operation, 95-percent were using their placards properly and were extremely grateful that DMV investigators were cracking down on abusers.  

"I said 'Man, that is awesome," said one woman. "I'm so glad they're doing that."