SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - A doctor at Rady Children's Hospital set a Guinness World Record on Monday. 

On National DNA Day, Dr. Stephen Kingsmore was honored for his medical breakthrough that will save countless lives, including babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit. 

Dr. Kingsmore received the Guinness World Record for making the fastest genetic diagnosis. He is able to complete a diagnosis in 26-hours. It's an amazing accomplishment for the historically pain-staking process of diagnosing a newborn baby with a genetic disorder. 

"For the kids right behind us in our care units, those critical hours and days can mean the difference between life and death," said Dr. Kingsmore. 

Dr. Kingsmore is able to unravel the mysteries of a disease for babies through genome sequencing. Genome sequencing is possible with the help of two San Diego companies, Illumina and Edico Genome, which provide the technology to read and interpret biological data. 

It's a life-saving accomplishment that has earned Dr. Kingsmore his own day in the City of San Diego and a place in the Guinness World Record history. 

"It feels pretty good. Growing up, I used to get the Guinness World Record book and leaf through the pages, and to think I'm actually in it, is pretty cool actually," he said. 

Dr. Kingsmore said he is hoping to get the technology into Rady Children's Hospital by July, with plans to expand to hospitals regionally and then across the country.