SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Del Mar is the only city in North County that allows off-leash dogs on the beach, but yearly seasonal changes to that rule have just taken effect.

The bigger crowds during the summer months mean that dogs must be on a 6-foot leash and dog owners must be holding that leash from today through Labor Day.

The new rule isn’t sitting well with everyone. Daniel Davis says that the rule will cause him to change which beach he goes to. “She doesn't get to interact as much as she normally does so she definitely loves Ocean Beach better than coming up here and being on the leash."

Not everyone is against the seasonal rule however, Deanna Thompson told News 8 that she likes the leash laws because “just like people they all have different personalities no one always gets along so if you've got a leash you've got some control over your animal." 

Rangers also want to remind people and their pets to stay out of the lagoon east of north beach because since 2012 it has been considered a protected area.

Lifeguards are educating the public first by giving dog owners warnings, but they warn that if you don’t abide by the rule you will be given a $285 ticket.     

Enforcers understand dogs love to run free, so big changes may be on the way. A city ordinance allowing dogs to be off leash from dawn until 8 a.m. is in the works. 

In April, councilmembers voted 4 to 1 to draft an ordinance with the changes. If approved, the beach from 25th street north to the city's border with Solana Beach would allow dogs to be unleashed until 8 a.m. when crowds start to build during tourist season.