SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Residents are concerned at a local dog park after at least one dog got sick and died after spending time there. 

The owner says it happened after a trip to Grape Street Dog Park and word about what happened spread quickly on social media.

"The park is great; the people that bring their dogs here are wonderful," said Jen Mathis who loves bringing her dog Lola to the park. "She's two now, we've been taking her here almost every day since she was four months old." 

But at the entrance Thursday, was a warning for Mathis and other dog owners. It said there had been reports of two dogs possibly being poisoned. 

The sign was posted after word spread on social media about the death of at least one dog. 

There's no evidence the dog died from anything at the park but the owner tells News 8 this was the last place her dog visited before falling deathly ill. 

She says her Yorkie was 6 and otherwise healthy and happy. She says her vet told her she suspects he died from something chemical he had ingested. 

"[It's] sad to hear that happened to somebody's dog," said Mathis. "That's unfortunate and every dog owner's nightmare."  

Other dog owners were concerned over the news, but still skeptical wondering if it could be the fertilizer or if that was just someone's guess. 

A City parks spokesperson says they don't use fertilizers or pesticides at the park because of the potential issues that can arise when some dogs are exposed to them. 

Mathis says regardless of what caused the death of the little Yorkie, it's a good reminder to keep a close eye on your pet. 

"We just have to be responsible owners and just watch over our dogs," she said.