SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Small crowds filled an intersection in Vista on Sunday protesting the shooting of 24-year-old Jonathon Coronel. 

The most vocal was Coronel's uncle Diego who walked through the crowd sharing his nephew's story.  

Investigators say Coronel was a documented gang member with a warrant. 

On July 5, deputies spotted him in the passenger seat of a car near North Melrose Drive. 

Before they could stop the car, Coronel is accused of jumping out and running away. 

Deputies caught up with him on Knoll Road where they say there was a confrontation that ended with Coronel being shot multiple times, killing him.  

Deputies say Coronel was unarmed and are still investigating the circumstances. 

"I want justice for my nephew," said Jonathon's uncle Diego. "My family is hurt, community is hurt - friends, family, people who didn't know [him], come together as a community." 

At one point a sheriff's helicopter hovered above and a deputy drove by, but the protest remained peaceful as they urge the Interim District Attorney Summer Stephan to bring charges against the deputies who opened fire.  

"Please put your police officers in check," said Diego. "Because this isn't the first time and it's not going to be the last." 

The Sheriff's Department released the following statement on Sunday:  

The Sheriff's Department empathizes with the family and friends of Jonathan Coronel for their loss and recognizes their right to peacefully protest. It is always our goal to take a suspect into custody safely regardless of the crimes they are accused of or their prior criminal history. 

As with every deputy-involved shooting, Sheriff's Investigators are working closely with the District Attorney's Office to conduct a thorough and fact-based investigation. It is a priority to complete this investigation quickly and accurately. As is standard with every OIS investigation, the results will be shared with prosecutors and the FBI. The Sheriff's Department asks anyone with information about the incident to call (858) 565-5200