SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - San Diego drivers, prepare yourselves to share the road with self-driving cars after the county has chosen as one of the ten areas in the country to test them out.

The self-driving cars, being tested in San Diego along the express lanes of Interstate-15, South Bay Expressway Toll Road 125 and some surface streets in Chula Vista, are part of a federally funded pilot program that is helping fast-forward the future of transit.

"You sort of feel like the horse and buggy days are soon going to end. The horseless carriage is arriving," said County Supervisor Ron Roberts.

The cutting-edge technology being used to develop self-driving cars is being aggressively pursued by companies ranging from Ford to Tesla to Google.

Some residences in the testing areas cheered the arrival of the future in their community, others were more circumspect about relinquishing control.

Other residents are open to the idea of self-driving cars, but expressed concerns and questions, ranging from insurance to safety.

While no specific date has been set, the pilot program is expected to get underway later this year.

As for when driverless cars could possibly be commonplace on the country's roadways, experts estimate any time in the next five to ten years.

San Diego is no stranger to developing driverless technology - 20-years ago testing of the first self-driving cars on Interstate-15 in a demonstration setup by SANDAG.