SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - In an effort to continue saving water and fighting the drought, people are being asked to skip the shower on Wednesday as part of the first-ever nationwide Drought Day.

If Wednesday is a big day, and you really need to shower, then take a short one, and always use a bucket to collect the cold water, while you wait for it to warm up.

"We'd like people to just take one day to do a very small act that is very easy to actually do. Some people might enjoy it. It's just skipping the shower for one day. If we do that nationwide, that saves almost three billion gallons of water," said Dylan Krenka

That's enough water to fill the Empire State Building nine times.

Dylan Krenka kicked off his new Drought Day movement here in San Diego this past weekend by putting up posters which he designed.

"We just really want to take action big and small to save water," he said.

Krenka said if you just can't skip the shower, take a shorter one. He said to set an alarm before you hop in for five minutes or less because every drop you use or save, really does matter.

"I think that's the whole thing is that people have that mentality that they're just one person, but it adds up so fast. You know the average shower is almost 20 gallons of water," he said.

By catching the cold water in a bucket, you can use it water your plants and trees which are pretty thirsty these days with mandatory restrictions in place.

You can join the Drought Day movement on social media using #DroughtDay.