SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Neighbors in El Cerrito are breathing a sigh of relief, after they helped rescue a man trapped inside his house from a fire.

Neighbors say they managed to coax the man down from a second-floor balcony, after his dryer caught fire, filling the home with smoke.

It happened around 10 Monday night at Estelle Street, near 58th street, in El Cerrito. Smoke came rushing out of the windows, witnesses heard an explosion and urged a man named Jack to get out of the house. He was on the phone calling for help. 

He was taken away on a stretcher, after three neighbors helped him jump to safety from the second story balcony. There were some heroic, yet terrifying moments. 

"I heard a woosh sound. When we caught him we caught him in the rose bushes. His feet hit the ground. He should be okay, but wow," Alan Chavez, said.

The fire caused a lot of smoke and fire damage to the house.   

The man was taken to a hospital. We don't know his exact condition, but he was awake and alert when paramedics arrived. 

The fire was contained quickly, but smoke and flames damaged both floors of the house. 

The man was home alone, no one else was hurt in the fire.