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Duck, geese deaths rising in metro Denver due to 'New Duck Disease', CPW says

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the public and their pets should not touch dead waterfowl, but instead report it for removal.
Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Ducks and geese have been reported dead in the Denver metro area recently, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 

Necropsies of several of the dead geese found that the most significant factor to their deaths is a bacterial infection with Riemerella anatipestifer, also known as “New Duck Disease.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said the disease primarily affects waterfowl, but it can cause disease in poultry and other birds.

Al the dead birds examined tested negative for avian influenza viruses and Newcastle disease.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said large, congregated flocks of ducks and geese in the Denver metro area create "ideal conditions" for illness.

If the public observes dead waterfowl, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said to report it to local park managers for removal. The public should not make contact with dead or sick ducks or geese. Pets should also be kept away from dead waterfowl.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Northeast Region Office at 303-291-7227.  

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