SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - On Saturday, Thousands of volunteers spread out across the county with buckets in hand for the Creek to Bay Cleanup.

This year, CBS 8 News' Earth 8 partnered with "I Love a Clean San Diego" for the event, meteorologist, Matt Baylow, rallied volunteers at Southcrest Community Park.

It was one of 106 sites on the clean-up list this year, a record number.

"If you're picking up a littler wrapper, you're preventing that from going into the creek and making its way to the bay and the ocean. So what we're picking up inland here is making sure that our beaches stay clean for the summer for us to swim in," said Pauline Martinson. 

On Saturday, 150-pounds of trash was removed.

Some of the more unusual items found were a full conveyor belt, a chandelier, and a whole uneaten chocolate cake.