SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Encinitas is one of two North County cities looking to take a tougher stand on alcohol. 

The Oceanside City Council voted an ordinance that would prohibit alcohol sales at restaurants with drive-thru windows, and at sandwich shops without full kitchens.

While at the Encinitas Community Park, the city's largest park, there are no signs banning alcohol, some families expressed their concerns. Others want to keep an alcohol ban away.

"I think as salient adults we should be able to recreate and enjoy ourselves," said Denis, an Encinitas resident.

"Go home and have your glass of wine in your beautiful backyard," responded Nancy.

On Wednesday night, the Encinitas City Council considered an alcohol ban on all of its 15 parks. 

Currently alcohol is not allowed at the following Encinitas parks:

- Ecke Park
- Cardiff Sports Park
- View Point Park
- Glen Park

"I think if I were going to ban alcohol it would be the new park because of all the sports things," said a councilman.

Staff reported deputies have been called to New Encinitas Community Park a handful of times for drug and alcohol related problems including an arrest.

The Encinitas Community Park is on 44 acres with a skate-park, dog park, sports fields and playgrounds.

"When I go to a park, I think of children activities. We don't need alcohol there," said Nancy.

Denis said, "I think there is some justification for controlling alcohol, but I don't think it should be a blanket ban."

After hearing from residents and drug free youth advocates, the Council delayed making a decision on the ban. Council members said they needed more time to see a pattern of problems at the park and will work with Sheriff's to monitor complaints and calls.

The Oceanside City Council approved an alcohol ban for fast food restaurants with a drive-thru and places like Starbucks that do not have a full kitchen.