SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Model Magda Angel is in San Diego recovering after being seriously injured at the Baja 1000 monster truck race in Ensenada, Baja California.

Magda Angel was transported from Ensenada to UC San Diego Medical Center after an accident left her with several broken bones, injuries to her face, a wrist and ankle.

Video posted on Ensenada’s En La Mira TV Facebook page shows Magda, who was working for Monster Energy, on the ground injured just as the race was about to begin.

A witness, who asked to be referred to as “Monster Mike,” said he is a DJ and entertainer who has been involved in the racing community for several. He said he was near the start line when Magda was injured. "She was face-down on the asphalt at the start line."

A spokesperson for Score International, the company responsible for organizing the race, said Magda was posing for a photographer near one of the racing vehicles known as Class 1 Buggy when she took a step back at the same time the car moved forward. The tire, according to the spokesperson, clipped her boot and she was thrown to the ground.

“The tires at a minimum are 37 to 40 inches high – each one. Just the tire itself. Not even talking about the truck – even if it’s not going fast it still has the mass to hurt someone badly,” said the spokesperson. 

Crews airlifted Magda to a hospital in Ensenada. She is expected to recover.

“Monster Mike” said he is concerned about safety at races. “In order to do what we have to protect people we have to have safety measures,” he said.

Magda’s family is from Colombia and is currently traveling to San Diego to be by her side.

And there are others in the racing community who disagree with Mike, saying these races are perfectly safe. 

Score International maintains what happened in this case was a terrible accident. A spokesperson told News 8 from his understanding Angel has already made plans to continue as a Monster energy girl at their races.