SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - Former Charger Safety and 3-time Pro Bowler Eric Weddle was a fan favorite in San Diego. His departure from the team in 2016 was both surprising and upsetting.

He was never offered a new contract, and according to Weddle, was made aware that he was no longer wanted by the Chargers while he was sitting in a hot tub.

Apparently the emotional wound hasn’t healed, even after two years in Baltimore.

On Wednesday, Weddle joined the Jim Rome Show to talk about his former organization.

Weddle says on the show, "I know this for a fact, as long as that management is there, I'll never step foot anywhere near that place."

According to Weddle, the Chargers eventually leaving San Diego for Los Angeles confirmed his views about Chargers management at that time were true.

Want to hear more? Here is the full interview.