ESCONDIDO (CBS 8) - An Escondido daycare center has been shut down after the owner allegedly hurt a child. Xiao Yan Hun is accused of throwing a folding chair at a six-year-old girl, hitting her in the face.

Imani's left cheek was left swollen and bruised after the owner of Wahaha Child Care Center allegedly hurled the chair at the girl.

Her 10-year-old brother Blake says he and his sister were playing with a toy last month, and thinks the owner might have thought they were fighting.

"She yelled something in Chinese and she had a chair in her hand," he said.

Blake says the next thing he knew, the woman threw the folding chair. He says the chair's metal leg hit his sister in the face.

"She was stunned and then she started crying. The teacher threw her in a chair, then later she washed off her face and gave her 80 lollipops," he said.

He says the owner tried to bribe Imani with candy, telling her not to tell their mom, but Blake new better and told her right away.

"I hope she gets prosecuted for what she did to my daughter," mother Keiana Shannon said.

Shannon tells News 8 she called Escondido police, and last week the Department of Social Services ordered the facility temporarily closed.

"Anybody that can throw a chair at a child shouldn't be in any facility where they can be taking care of children," she said.

Imani's mom says despite the issue with the owner, the teachers at the facility were excellent.

The school's director says there were 42 children enrolled when the facility had to close. He says most of the teachers have found new jobs.