SAN DIEGO, Calif.  (CBS 8) -- A San Diego police officer accused of raping a prostitute inside his patrol car has passed a lie detector exam.

Attorneys representing former SDPD patrol officer Daniel Dana, 26, hired one of the most respected polygraph experts in the county to conduct the exams.

News 8 obtained the polygraph test results from the former officer's wife, Shauna Dana.

Shauna Dana, 25, has not spoken with the media since her husband's arrest May 11.

She broke her silence this week, telling News 8, "I know my husband did not do the things he is charged with. I am hoping people will see from the (polygraph) test results that he is innocent."

After his arrest on charges of raping a prostitute under color of authority, Officer Daniel Dana resigned from his job. He was ordered to stand trial after a preliminary hearing last month.

The prostitute involved in the incident testified that Dana told her he would arrest her if she did not have sex with him.

Dana admits he had intercourse with the woman inside his patrol car in Presidio Park during his lunch hour, but he claims it was consensual. He has pleaded not guilty.

Dana took two separate polygraph tests, one on June 17 and the other on July 6, according to the report.

During the exams Dana was asked, "On that night in question did you make (the prostitute) have sex with you?

Answer: "No".

And, "Did you coerce (the prostitute) in any way so that she would engage in a sexual act with you?

Answer: "No".

The tests were administered by Paul Redden, a retired San Diego police interrogator who testified in the David Westerfield trial. Redden declined to be interviewed for this report.

"I've seen some of Paul's work and I think you know it's top notch and you don't get any better than that," said local polygraph examiner Darryl Bullens.

News 8 asked Bullens to review the results of Dana's polygraph exams.

"Looking over what I have here and what I see written, it would appear from the written report that the gentleman is truthful in his responses," Bullens said.

The results obtained by News 8 were summarized in a report signed by Redden. Dana's wife said the raw polygraph graph data was not available to her to turn over.

Dana's defense team has provided the polygraph results to the prosecution but it is unlikely a jury will ever see them because lie detector tests are generally inadmissible in criminal cases.

"If this gentleman is innocent of this crime, can you imagine being accused of doing something like this when you are telling the truth?" said Bullens.

The DA's office would not comment on the polygraph results because the case is still open and set to go to trial in October.

If convicted on all counts, Daniel Dana could get more than 17 years in state prison.