SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A local woman has come forward saying she was sexually assaulted at a Kearny Mesa massage parlor. She is speaking out now in hopes of preventing other women from becoming victims.

In the lawsuit against Happy Foot Massage in Kearny Mesa, "Cathy" alleges she was sexually assaulted during a massage. Cathy is not the woman’s name, but is being used to protect her identity.

Cathy told CBS News 8 in an exclusive interview that she was referred to the massage parlor by her brother and had previously gone to that location with her mother.

During her last visit in September of 2013, Cathy said the session with the masseur started professionally, but then took a sickening turn.

“I just panicked. I didn’t know what to do,” she said.

As the man was giving her a massage, it became sexually aggressive. At one point, Cathy said the masseur pulled down her underwear and proceeded to sexually assault her.

“As he was massaging my back, he began to pull the sheet down further and further, exposing my bottom. At one point, he was actually trying to kiss me,” she said.

Cathy said she was immobilized by fear and shame.

“I felt humiliated. I felt embarrassed. I wanted to scream, but nothing came out.” 

Cathy filed a civil suit against Happy Foot Massage, its owners and the masseur.

“I thought I could let it go and then a lot of it resurfaced," said Cathy.

According to Cathy, she read online reviews of Happy Foot Massage in which other clients alluded to inappropriate sexual advances over the last five years.

“I know in my heart that there are others out there. I know it,” said Cathy.

CBS News 8 reached out to the owner of Happy Foot Massage regarding the allegations, but he claimed to not speak English.

Once immobilized by fear, Cathy said she is now speaking out to prevent additional woman from becoming victims.

“I know that place should not be open,” said Cathy.

The lawsuit, filed last week, seeks unspecified damages from Happy Foot Massage.

Cathy said she would like to see the business shut down and the masseur no longer permitted to give massages.

CBS News 8 also reached out to the San Diego Police Department, but because of the nature of the alleged crime, they would not confirm or deny if a police report was filed.

According to Cathy and her attorney, while an investigation was conducted, to their knowledge no criminal charges were pursued.