San Diego's only big cat rescue facility, Lions Tigers and Bears, was recently called by authorities to come to a San Diego home after the death of a local resident had left five unique cats orphaned and homeless.

"All of these cats - which are about the size of house cats - are so rare and special. There are two Savannahs, two Chausies, including a rare black Chausie, and a Jungle Cat. Unfortunately, most of these exotic hybrids do NOT make good pets, and this was such a very bad environment for them. All were skinny, neglected, in need of vet care and one cat has had its teeth filed. It was a disturbing and sad situation..." says Bobbi Brink, founder and director of LTB.

All the cats were taken to safety at LTB's sanctuary in rural Alpine.

The Savannah cats have the "wild look" of an African Serval; the Chausie is a tall, statuesque cat, medium to large in size, and resemblances its ancestor, the Jungle Cat, which looks like a small lynx. The Jungle Cat, sometimes called a Swamp Lynx, is not a domestic cat.

"These felines vary in size, some weighing four pounds and others up to 16 pounds. The two Savannah cats could live as pets if they were inside/outside pets in a home without other pets. In the future, we would love to find loving, committed and caring homes for some of these rescued cats," Bobbi adds.

A third cat might be suitable for a home. But two of the cats will continue to live at LTB. All of the cats have received medical examinations and are now getting quality care at Lions Tigers and Bears.