SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Residents in Mira Mesa are worried that one of their neighbor's hoarding habits has gotten out of control. Piles of clutter now take up the man's entire driveway and neighbors are complaining that it's not just an eye-sore, but a hazard as well. 

Residents say the house on Belgian Street is hard to miss. 

"It's disgusting," said Ted Brengel, President of the Mira Mesa Town Council. "It's more than an eye sore, it's a health hazard."

Stacks of boxes, garbage and even cat food cover the entire driveway. 

"It smells like garbage. It smells pretty ripe," said Brengel. 

Brengel says the home has been a problem for a while and it has only been getting worse. Currently, the homeowner's clutter is now spilling onto the sidewalk. 

"It is my business because I care about Mira Mesa and I care about the nice people in this neighborhood. I think it's going to require actual enforcement," said Brengel. 

One neighbor, who doesn't want to be identified, says it's a horrible situation for everyone involved. 

""It's sad. It's horrible to see what's happening to our neighbor and what's happening to his house and what's happening to his neighborhood," she said. 

The mess can be seen from Google Street View and even from satellite images. CBS News 8 attempted to speak directly with the homeowner, however, the front door is barricaded from the wall of clutter and the listed phone number no longer works. 

"It's an unfortunate situation," said City Councilor Chris Cate. 

Councilman Cate represents the Mera Mesa district and says the home has been on the council's radar for well over a year. He also says there are clear violations and code enforcement and that the police are currently involved. 

"Now we're just waiting on the city attorney's office for the last steps in this process to move forward. Get the house cleaned up and folks can now have some peace of mind when they go home at night," said Cate. 

However, the question neighbors have is when will that happen and how will the homeowner react. 

"It's just a crying shame that these people have to live with such a menace," said Brengel. 

Neighbors say the mess is affecting the home prices in the area and some people are having trouble selling their homes. Councilman Cate says they have been calling the City Attorney's Office on a near weekly basis about the issue and are looking for ways to speed up a resolution.