SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – A very special San Diego couple is getting the Valentine’s Day dinner of their dreams, and it all started on Facebook with a simple question.

Jim and Anne have a unique Valentine’s tradition. The couple did not have proms together because they did not know each other in high school, so every Valentine’s Day they celebrate prom night.

Jim even gets Anne a corsage.

Recently, Anne posted on the Eating and Drinking in San Diego Facebook page. She asked the group’s 7,000 members for advice on a place that would be very romantic.


Jim has Alzheimer’s and Anne wanted to make their prom night really special.

The group’s response caught Anne by surprise.

“I just could not believe how many people it must have touched. People were saying – ‘I hope it’s like that for me in 30 years,’” she said. 

Anne’s post took on a life of its own with hundreds of likes and comments.

In fact, San Diegans donated a special evening on the town.

Cueva Bar’s Chef Oz Blackaller was one of the first to step up.

“I am going to make a Mexican inspired sashimi, which is called Agua Chile,” he said.

Chef Blackaller offered to cook the couple a special three-course dinner.

“I’ve been married for 15-years. I can relate to them. I hope one day my wife and I still feel that passionate and do something real romantic,” he said.

Blanc Floral donated the corsage and boutonniere. Group members also started offering gifts to make the night even more special.

“People started donating wine bottles and champagne, chocolate and flowers. This was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” said Anne.

Edwin Real started the Eating and Drinking in San Diego group a year ago to give members a chance to share their neighborhood gems. He couldn’t be prouder of the way the group has responded to Anne’s post.

“What a touching love story. The thing is, she was asking for recommendations. She never asked for anything,” he said.

The Westgate is also throwing in a Sunday brunch to start the day off right.

Jim is not really sure how Anne received all the donations, but the smile on his face says ‘thank you’. 

“He's a great guy. I love him. I just love him so much,” said Anne.