SAN DIEGO (CBS 8)  — In grocery store video footage, you see a man's face clear as day and police say he is responsible for a wallet theft that cost one man big.  

In the video, you can also see the victim in this case, Chris Begley checking out and bagging his groceries at Grocery Outlet in the Midway area.

But he leaves his wallet out on the counter.  

"I just inadvertently left my billfold on the checkout counter and the guy that came in behind me saw that and laid his wallet on top of it and then he made his purchase," said Begley. 

The suspect then paid for his beer with what appeared to be his own credit card, and casually took his wallet and Begley's, and leaves.  

"I came back into the store about 30 minutes later and they checked the video tape and sure enough you can see it clear as day. He walked up and took it, you know," Begley said. 

Begley said he didn't have any important credit cards or IDs in his bill fold, but he was carrying around $600. He's upset the man didn't do the right thing.  

"He could have like turned it into the checker, [he] tried to take advantage of the situation," said Begley. "[It's] not like he found it out in the street – finders keepers. It's a situation where he should have turned it in, you know." 

It is unclear who the man is or if his credit card charge can help investigators track him down. In the meantime, they and Begley are asking for help.  

"The video is so clear - it's astounding to me," said Begley. "They took me into the back office and showed me the video and you can see everything so perfect."