They're bigger, better and take very little space. LCD and plasma TVs are so popular these days, but even the slightest touch can send them crashing down.

If you have kids, you know sometimes they can use your furniture as a mini jungle gym. But after two San Diego children died from flat screen TV's falling on top of them, local doctors are reaching out and warning parents.

From an adult's perspective, your new flat screen TV is slim, sleek. But from a child's perspective, it appears intriguing and fun to play with. However, it can also be dangerous even deadly.

"We had 12 kids admitted to the trauma center with severe injuries, that doesn't even speak to the number of kids that came to the emergency room with more minor injuries, and two of those children died," explained Sue Cox with Rady Children's Hospital.

A new study published by the journal "Clinical Pediatrics" found that nearly 17,000 children were rushed to emergency rooms in 2007, after heavy or unstable furniture fell over on them.

That's a 41 percent increase in injuries since 1990 - an increase researchers say is directly connected to the popularity of massive flat screen TV's in homes.

But there are some simple solutions to keep your TV secure and children safe, and you can find most items at your local hardware store.

Wallmounts are one of the most effective options, but amateurs beware - leave the installation to the experts. Zip ties can slide thru the air vents on the back of your TV and screw into the wall.

Additionally, flat screen safety strips have adhesive on both ends that attach to the back of the monitor and either your stand or the wall.

Also, for added protection, you can also use an anti-tip kit for your furniture for about $10. You take the adhesive end, attach it to the furniture and screw the other end to the wall.