ESCONDIDO (CBS 8) - Angel Bojorquez, 18, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver while cycling home from work, will be laid to rest Friday.

Thursday evening his family gathered for his viewing in Escondido and they called for the man allegedly responsible to admit his guilt.

"He knows what he did, he knows he is responsible for it," Jocelyn Bojorquez, Angel's cousin, said. "The least he could do is just 'fess up."

"Show some sort of remorse, something to tell us he didn't do it on purpose," added Angel's sister, Angelica. "But he makes it seems like it was on purpose."

19-year-old Jin Byun pleaded not guilty in Bojorquez's death in court Wednesday. Prosecutors say Byun was driving his Chevy Avalanche last Friday morning on Via de la Valle in Rancho Santa Fe when he struck and killed Bojorquez, who was riding his bike home from his job at Albertsons in Del Mar.

Prosecutors say Byun then tried to disguise the damage to his truck, by pushing pieces of his truck's broken headlight assembly back into place, and stripping torn rubber from his tire. A suspicious neighbor noticed the damage and alerted authorities, leading to Byun's arrest on Sunday.

"I just want really want to say, we're really grateful for that neighbor," Angel's cousin, Yuridia Bojorquez, told News 8.

"I don't think any of us really thought this was going to get solved, because of the hour it happened and (the fact) there were no witnesses," added Heidi Alatorre, Angel's cousin.

Bojorquez's family members say their loved one had moved to Escondido from Lancaster last year, and was starting to turn his life around.

"He got himself a job and was putting himself through school," said Alatorre."He was actually trying to make something of his life."

"He loved soccer," added Angelica Bojorquez, who said her brother wanted to become a professional soccer player. "He was the best person to be around... I will always miss him."

Angel Bojorquez's body will be taken to Mexico for his funeral tomorrow in Ensenada. According to his family, he will then be buried next to his mother, who died while giving birth to Angel 18 years ago.

Jin Byun remains in custody on $1,000,000 bail. If convicted in Bojorquez's death, he faces up to four years in state prison.