CHULA VISTA (CBS 8) - A Chula Vista High School teacher accused of distributing child pornography was arrested by federal agents, according to court documents.

FBI Agents searched the home on Franklin Avenue in Logan Heights on January 21. They confiscated the desktop computer of Roberto Antonio Sandoval, who had been living with his mother and seven-year-old daughter, according the a federal court complaint.

Sandoval's family is adamant that their brother and son did nothing wrong. 

Sandoval's older brother, Rick, spoke with CBS News 8, with their mother off-camera, and said they believe the previous owner of the second-hand computer Sandoval was using is the real culprit. 

Federal authorities, however, said they have evidence that Sandoval shared graphic images involving pre-pubescent girls over the Internet. 

"I think it is an injustice behind it because I don't think he deserved to be arrested for such a thing. I think he was framed for it. It's an old computer that he bought on Ebay. He had no idea what was on that hard drive," said Rick Sandoval, Roberto's brother. 

Agents found several images of young, partially nude girls on the computer, an investigator said.

The investigation into Sandoval's alleged actions began August 9, when an agent downloaded suspected child porn from a peer-to-peer file sharing program.

Sandoval has been placed on paid leave from the Sweetwater School District, where he is a teacher at the learning center on the campus of Chula Vista High School. 

The FBI confirmed they have no information that Sandoval was involved in unlawful conduct with any children, but they are asking anyone with possible information on this case, or if there are any possible victims out there to contact authorities. 

Sandoval is being held without bail.