SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Padres game was delayed Sunday by a swarm of bees that landed on a microphone on the first base side of the field and were buzzing around it not far from fans and the Padres dugout. Instead of removing them, a pest control company was called to exterminate them. Not everyone has been happy with the decision and have been asking why a live removal wasn’t attempted. 

The delay in the Padres game against the Miami Marlins came during the third inning about an hour after the game started. A pest control worker arrived at Petco Park a short time later and used a chemical spray to exterminate the swarm of thousands.

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The game resumed a short time later but fans on social media continued to question the Padres organization’s decision to kill the bees as opposed to doing a live removal of them. News 8 spoke to personnel from several local bee removal companies who said they believe a live removal was an option and would only have taken 15 or so minutes longer.  

Mark Guglielmo, Padres Senior Vice President of Ballpark Operations & General Manager of Petco Park issued the following statement on Sunday to address the concerns: 

“In the interest of the safety of our guests, our pest control partner, Cartwright, removed the swarm of bees with a spray.  They are on site and recommended this course of action to prevent any further danger to our fans, players and on-field personnel.”