SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Rogue Drivers are furiously leaving their marks in a Scripps Ranch neighborhood. Skid-marks from sideshows and street races can be found up and down Scripps Ranch Boulevard.

It is also known as burn outs, ghost riding or doughnuts, and the damage being left behind by automotive stunts are not only illegal, but highly dangerous.

Four blocks along Scripps Ranch Boulevard have burnouts or skid marks.

RaceLegal Executive Director Lydia Denecochea called the need for speed in the latest adrenaline rush side shows. It's where drivers keeps the car stationary, spinning its wheels causing the tires to heat up and smoke.

Intersections, like those in Scripps Ranch, are ideal.

The Fast and Furious moves, although fun, can be very dangerous.

Last September, two cars racing down SeaWorld Drive were going about 80-100 MPH, when the race ended fatally.

"It does not matter where you are doing it. It's in your car. It's speed and there are consequences," said Lydia.

With the recent movie release of Fast and Furious 7, Lydia said it is important for street races to know how to separate special effects from reality.

"That's the bottom line. We need to be willing to pay the price if you kill somebody else. It wasn't intentional, but you are going to do time," she said.

RaceLegal hosts legal drag racing twice a month at Qualcomm. The next drag race is scheduled for June 19, at Qualcomm.