SPRING VALLEY (CBS 8) - Neighbors and family members believe a man died in a raging fire that destroyed a Spring Valley home Thursday evening.

The flames took just minutes to engulf the home, which was located in the 2900 block of Helix Street.

The first floor of the garage structure was also packed with a variety of storage items. The most dangerous of which was welding gear, including several tanks of oxygen, acetylene and argon.

Concerned neighbors tried to help remove the tanks before firefighters arrived. One firefighter said more than 15 tanks were grouped together in one corner.

The homeowner, Thomas Neiswonger, says his brother Jim lived in a large room on the second floor above a detached four-car garage. But Jim never answered Tom or other neighbors' cries as the flames roared through the second story.

Crews had the fire largely contained in just over an hour. There are reports that a body was found on the second floor of the home, but it is not confirmed whether or not it is Jim Neiswonger.

Sheriff's Department bomb-arson investigators are looking into the cause of the devastating fire, which is common practice when a death is involved.

This is an update to a previous story.

SPRING VALLEY (CBS 8) - Firefighters were on the scene of a raging house fire in Spring Valley Thursday evening.

The home was located in the 2900 block of Helix Street.

A ground crew was attempting to extinguish the blaze, which appeared to have completely destroyed the home. News 8 received reports that there might have been someone in the home shortly before the fire, and there may be a fatality involved.

The cause of the fire was not known.