SAN DIEGO (CNS) - A civil attorney who allowed alcohol at a Playboy- themed birthday party for his 18-year-old daughter had his misdemeanor conviction reduced to an infraction Friday and was ordered to pay a $125 fine.

Jeffrey Lake pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to violating San Diego County's social host ordinance, which makes the homeowner responsible for any underage drinking at a party thrown at their home.

Superior Court Judge Frederick Maguire said Lake exhibited "aberrant behavior" the night of the Jan. 2, 2015, party at his Poway home, including getting defensive when sheriff's deputies showed up.

Authorities said 200 people -- 150 of them under 21 -- were at the party.

"Fortunately, nobody was hurt," the judge said.

Defense attorney Vikas Bajaj said the Lake family is happy the incident is behind them.

"I think the court was saying this is a crime of omission -- not doing something -- rather than a crime of intentional commission, meaning doing something on purpose to violate the law," Bajaj said outside court.