SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - The threat that forced La Jolla Country Day School to cancel classes last week didn't come from a student, but instead from a man who says he's a parent.

The man, a non-custodial parent of a student at LJCD, admitted to leaving a threatening voice mail message over his frustration in dealing with school administrators.

"The thing here is there are all these accusations going out, ridiculous accusations that I made a bomb threat to the school, and it is completely and utterly false," the man told CBS News 8.

The campus was searched during the school closure February 4, but no bomb was found and no one was hurt. Classes resumed on Thursday.

The man says he's involved in a bitter dispute with his child's mother, and hasn't seen his daughter in years. He said he was trying to get information about his daughter through the school, and despite a court order, they refused to talk to him. He says that pushed him over the edge.

"I left a message saying 'What do you want me to say to get your attention? Do I need to say I'll put a bomb in your school? Is that what you want?'" he said.

Police wouldn't confirm if this is actually the man who made the call, but said their investigation is ongoing. The man says he thinks the whole thing is being blown out of proportion.

"I think what's being presented, what you're putting on the news is completely and utterly false. It's a load of lies. I did not threaten the school at all, they know I didn't threaten the school, I made a comment," he said.

The interim head of school, Judy Fox, says that the mother of the child intends to withdraw her child from Country Day this coming week. She has asked that her privacy and that of her child be respected. 

The school has released a statement, saying in part:

"Please know that in responding to this situation the school has been guided by its foremost concern: the safety of our students and, as well, legal documents applicable to this situation."

The school has not responded to a CBS News 8 request for an interview.